Spring Break on the Horizon? So is Bikini Weather, Yikes!



Spring is in the air, and that means so is bikini weather. If you are heading on Spring Break, time is running thin. You can’t ignore that bikini that you put away last season much longer, it is time to take it out and face the music. With the holidays just being behind us, you may have put on an additional couple of pounds that are making you just a bit uncomfortable in your jeans. It is time to put your mind to taking off that inch or two that you got for Christmas now. Even if you are staying home in your wool sweater for Spring Break, those big clothes won’t last forever, it will soon enough be time to shed them.


If you are looking for the best ways to trim down in a couple of short weeks, there are ways to jump start your metabolism, and have you burning calories like a well oiled machine.There are simple things that you can do to lose weight that don’t have to be as punishing as you think. You don’t have to completely cut out all the things that you love, or starve yourself to see significant change in your weight, you just have to make good choices, and eat in moderation. The first step is to make a realistic weight loss goal for yourself and stick to it.


When you decide to lose weight the first sabotage you can do to your diet, is to cut out everything you love, or to go on a crash diet where you are starving yourself. You body was created to burn calories, but it was not created to live without them. Going without the food that you need realistically on a daily basis, will not only cause stress to your body, it will affect your mood and your ability to think. Depriving yourself of food all together is never a good way to lose weight. It may have significant results at the start, but sustainable weight loss from starvation is rarely sustainable, or long lasting.


If you want to lose weight and to keep it off, you have to change not just your eating habits, but your thought processes as well. If your goal is to lose weight, then that is what is foremost in your mind from the moment you wake, until the moment you retire to sleep. What you are thinking about is not eating, but what you are really thinking about is food. You are literally creating a scenario whereby all you think about is food all day, everyday. It is hard to not eat when all that comes to mind is food.


Even if your goal is to lose weight for spring break, or for summer, your ultimate goal should be to keep the weight off indefinitely, so that you are not doing this weight up, weight down cycle forever. Every time you lose weight, if you regain it, you are messing up your natural metabolism, and making it more difficult to lose it again. Take small steps, cut food back proportionally, and for goodness sakes, think about something other than food, or lack there of.



Dieting Doesn’t Have to be Punishing When you Change your Mindset



If you have ever tried to lose weight, you go about it the same way that your husband does when he starts a home improvement project. He goes to the store and gathers all the materials, and then they sit. It makes him feel better to think that he has gotten a start though. Dieting for most women is the same. They compile a list of magazines, articles, and advice from those around them about the latest research of what and what not to eat. They have diagrams of how to work out each part of the body, and worse yet, they have a room with old fitness machines that they bought on television that was going to get them off to a great start on their diet.


The problem with all the information that is out there is that there isn’t anything new that someone can tell you. Many times we continue to search for dieting tips, and advice, not because we don’t know what we need to eat but because we don’t like what we are hearing. Think of it this way, when you have a problem, who do you turn to? You most likely turn to the friend who will give you the advice you want to hear, but that isn’t always the advice that is good for you. So if you are really ready to make a change, and start a new diet, stop shopping and get to work.


Dieting isn’t a punishment. The whole concept of “going on a diet” sounds like a child being put in a time out, but it doesn’t have to be that way. By setting a diet up in those terms you are dooming yourself to failure. By creating such a negative connotation about changing your eating habits, you are making it something that you only want to suffer through for a short term. The only way to bring about positive changes in your weight, true positive changes, are to see the prospects of dieting as exciting.


When you eat bad foods, you probably feel sluggish and want to lay down. When you grab for the foods that are crisp and light, you don’t get the same results. That is how you need to approach any diet. It is not denying yourself, it is giving your body a new leash on life. By associating what you eat with good feeling, you will be undoing all those years of associating junk food with good feelings.


There are chemicals in fatty foods, both natural and manmade, that are designed to make us feel good when we eat them. That is why dieting is so punishing, it is like withholding good feelings. If you can instead associate good foods with good feelings like well being, happiness, and energy, you can override the feeling that a diet is punishing. By rewriting good feelings, you will soon begin to feel like the junk food is punishing and denying yourself of the nutrition that you need.

Have You Ever Wondered why Everyone is Always Talking About Weight Loss?



Have you ever stopped to wonder why we continue to get bigger as a nation? If you ever stop to look around at the grocery store, you will see that there is no shortage of information available about how to lose weight, the best ways to lose weight, or the best ways to keep weight off, so what is the problem? There are so many health officials, and governmental agencies who are continually trying to inform us about what is unhealthy for us, but maybe that is not the problem. Could it be that there is another reason why it is hard to lose weight, or to keep it off?


Food is about the only thing that is on the mind of most Americans. Just flip through the television channels and you will see that there are over 6 different networks that are solely dedicated to food and food preparation. That is not to mention the other shows about diet and exercise, and shows which show men eating all sorts of strange things. So what is our fascination with food? We are continually being sent mixed messages about the importance of food in our lives and what we should, and should not, want to eat.


If you are looking to lose some weight, you may want to stop thinking that it is something that you are having a problem with, and start realizing that it is not just you, it is our society. As the average American woman’s size continues to increase, the average model continues to get thinner, why is that? We are told by the government that we drink too much soda and eat too much fast food, but our television screens and billboards are filled with images that make us hungry all day long. It is like telling a child that video games are not good for them and they shouldn’t play them, and then setting their room afire with the latest games, and every game console available. The messages are getting sent all mixed up, and we are all becoming overwhelmed and feeling hopeless.


If you are looking to lose weight, stop buying the diet magazines, and the workout machines that gather dust, and start to think about what you eat, and why you eat it. You don’t need any more information about how to properly do a stomach crunch, or tips to workout during your lunch period, you need to stop and evaluate what is causing you to eat when you are not hungry, and excessively at that. Stop and consider why when you just want a snack, you eat every bit of a meal. If you realize that it isn’t because you don’t know better, than maybe a small change will start to occur in you.


Losing weight isn’t a one time deal. Losing weight is about making better choices for your health and realizing that you may never be a perfect size 2, but you can do better than what you are. By taking the small changes to change your mindset and eat in moderation, ignoring the mixed messages, you will be able to not only take off the weight, but to keep it off forever.

Some of the Best Weight Loss Tips are the Most Practical Ones

Some of the Best Weight Loss Tips are the Most Practical Ones


Many think that losing weight is some sort of punishment. They believe that the only way to be thin is by denying themselves of the good things in life. That is why losing weight is so difficult because it feels like a sacrifice. If you look around to those who are thin, and those who are not, there are usually fundamental differences between the two. Trying to pinpoint why there are those who are thinner than others, may be more than just taking apart their DNA. There may be other characteristics between the two that make them one way or the other.


If you are looking to lose weight, perhaps it is time to stop thinking that weight is the problem, or that food is. Perhaps the problem is not the food, but the way that you approach it. Most of us feel as if food is something that is to be rationed out to ourselves. That is, when we see a chocolate bar, we tell ourselves that just this once, we are going to allow ourselves to eat something we shouldn’t. What we are really telling ourselves, however, is eat the whole thing because it may be the last time. So what do we do? We eat the whole thing.


What if instead of allowing yourself to eat bad things only once in a while when you have really given up, you allow yourself to taste anything you want but only in moderation? If you know that you can eat whatever you want, whenever you want, those potato chips may not look like such a treasure, they may just be potato chips. If you know that they will not only be sitting around tomorrow if you want to have a couple more, but they will be sitting around next week should you want more, you may not go to town, overeating them when you have the chance.


The problem is when you deny yourself of certain foods, you eat to excess. When you wake up in the morning under the assumption that you are going to start on a healthy diet, one wrong move can have you spiraling and there goes the whole day. You allow yourself to overeat the next day. Why? Because your thought process is that you will start anew tomorrow. If instead, you woke up, satiated your craving with a cookie, and when about your day, you would much more easily be able to continue on your day making the healthy choices you set out to make.


Weight loss is not an all or nothing endeavor, and when you consider it one, you are bound for failure, If you truly want to lose weight and keep it off, it can’t be a one time thing, it has to be making life changes. Denying yourself all the good things in life is never sustainable, rationing them, and eating just enough to make yourself feel in control, is the only way to bring about real positive change.