As seen on TV Diet Garcinia, and Reviews of Other Best Weight Loss Supplements, Fat Burners, and Diet Pills – a Special Report!

Short Introduction on our Guide to Fat Burners shown on TV, and Why We are Skeptical

As seen on TV weight loss programs have been getting a lot of press lately.  Why? We think it’s because so many people look to the media for diet advice now, which is pretty amazing to think about.  Is this guy even a real doctor?  In any case, he recommends many different types of weight loss programs, and even provides weight loss tips of all kinds.

One of the popular diet pills we will be reviewing is the famed Diet Garcinia Cambogia.  Below, we’re going to really take a hard look at what Diet Garcinia Cambogia IS, and why it can or can’t help you lose weight fast, as it claims.

We’re also going to rundown several other Top 10 Diet pills, such as Best Green Coffee Bean, Best Raspberry Ketone, and Best African Mango, to see if there is a considerable different in weight loss results between these recommended diet methods of weight loss.  Of course, we will be comparing all these additional diet programs with more traditional style weight loss programs such as Weight Watchers 360 or Jenny Craig.

The Review of Top 10 Diet Pills and Best Fat Burners

1. Garcinia Cambogia

Description: As many have you heard, Garcinia Cambogia extract is all the rage.  But what is it?  Media claims that this common Garcinia Cambogia Fruit, found in jungles in Southeast Asia, has weight loss ingredients that will allow your body to speed up its natural metabolism, and in a sense “burn fat” while not exercising or dieting.  Already, we are skeptical.  Is it true that a “miracle fruit” exists to burn fat?  Sure–there are fat burning foods that are “good for you” and “fat gaining foods” such as junk food or fast food.  But is there a food that completely blows away the need for diet and exercise?

We say no.  We put Garcinia Cambogia to a 7 week test, to see not only did we not lose weight fast or easier than we would have normally, but it was expensively and costly.  Definitely not a “cheap diet pill” and certainly not a “free weight loss pill” as is plastered in ads all over the internet.

What others say about Garcinia Cambogia and Diet Pills:

“Garcinia Cambogia does have certain weight loss ingredients conducive to speeding up metabolism, but not to the rate the popular media makes it seem.” – Gary Knoll, Weight Loss Specialist and Diet Pill Reviewer.

Verdict: Don’t buy Garcinia Cambogia thinking it is a miracle weight loss pill.  Buy it to supplement your already healthy lifestyle, which includes proper dieting and exercise.

2. Green Coffee Bean Extract

Description: Green Coffee Bean was popular on television in 2012, but not so much lately.  But you would be amazed at how many requests we still get to review this Diet product.  Well, we hate to disappoint, so here we are, comparing Green Coffee Bean Extract to Garcinia Cambogia.

We found that the Green Coffee Bean Extract had very similar ingredients to the Garcinia Cambogia Diet pill.  In fact, we’re suspicious that these are actually the same product, just put into different bottles.

What others say: “Green Coffee Bean Extract shows no weight loss inducing properties in males or females.” – Aaron Smith, MD & Weight Loss Consultant

Verdict: Don’t buy this, unless you are truly desperate and looking for a miracle.

How Best Weight Loss Supplements fare against typical Weight Loss Diets and Programs

Weight Watchers 360 – Very popular diet program that focuses on points.  So you have a certain number of points you may eat per day.  Each food you eat is assigned a number of points.  Very good system that allows you to easily restrict your calories.  Not an exercise program, but a very efficient diet program.

Jenny Craig – Similar to Weight Watchers, but less popular.  Provides ready-made meals that are low in calories, but incidentally, low in taste.

Additional Weight Loss Tips:

Rather than looking for a magic diet pill, we highly suggest you look to eating properly, and losing weight the traditional way.  It may not help you to lose weight easily, or lose weight fast, but it will help you to lose weight safely, without experimenting with potentially dangerous diet pills and weight loss supplements.

Please always be safe, and always research whatever diet changes and supplements you take beforehand.

Exercise and diet — there really is no substitution.  Even Garcinia Cambogia can’t claim that!


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